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Experience Dolby® 5.1 home-theater quality audio in your movies, music and games with Creative Inspire 5.1 5100! This speaker system is built to produce 6 discrete channels when combined with a Sound Blaster® Audigy or Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 series sound card, or Sound Blaster Extigy. It also creates a 5.1 soundfield with 4-channel audio content. Creative Inspire 5.1 5100 comes with five satellites with unique contours around the drivers for optimum sound dispersion, plus a powerful cube-style wood subwoofer for booming bass. So you're in for an astounding Dolby 5.1 home theater experience every time you play your favorite movie, music or game!

* Heavily reinforced, cube-style subwoofer with solid bass and protective coating for durability

* Built-in amplifiers tailored to optimize the sound of the speakers resulting in smooth natural sound,      normally heard on high-end speakers 

* Compact and elegantly structured satellites enhance any desktop setting

* Ergonomically designed wired volume control with power switch and LED indicator for convenience

* Realistic EAX® and 3D positional audio with supported games

Number of speakers                                5 Satellites (for front, rear and center)
                                                             1 subwoofer

Speakers Rated Power                             Satellites : 6W per channel RMS
                                                              Subwoofer : 12 W RMS

Frequency Response                               44Hz to 20KHz

Signal to Noise Ratio                               75dB